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Become an EcoRain reseller and offer our affordable sustainable bathroom items in your physical or online store!

Why should you become an EcoRain reseller?

Extensive range: As a reseller you get access to our wide range of sustainable bathroom items, including water-saving shower heads, complete shower sets, environmentally friendly washbasin taps and other innovative products. This allows you to offer a completely sustainable offer to your customers.

Marketing and promotional support : We offer support with marketing and promotion, so that you can effectively inform your customers about the benefits of a sustainable bathroom. We provide you with materials and tools to help you promote EcoRain products. Our customers would like to come and see our products in your store! We will therefore actively forward them.

Partnership for Sustainability : By becoming an EcoRain reseller, you become a partner of a brand committed to sustainability. This can contribute to strengthening your brand image and attracting conscious consumers who are looking for sustainable solutions.

Increase customer awareness : As an EcoRain reseller, you help customers make conscious choices for a more sustainable future. You play an active role in spreading the importance of water conservation and sustainability in the bathroom, while providing customers with affordable solutions.

Join EcoRain as a reseller and together we can spread a sustainable and economical bathroom revolution. Contact us today and help build a more sustainable future!

If you are interested in selling EcoRain products, please feel free to contact us at . We look forward to working together and creating a sustainable future.