Does a rain shower really save water?

Is een regendouche echt waterbesparend?

Rain showers are popular for their beautiful design and relaxing shower experience. The feeling of warm water falling on you like soft rain gives a real hotel feeling that attracts many people. However, despite these advantages, there are also many questions about the water and gas consumption of these items.

One of the most striking features of rain showers is water consumption. Standard units can quickly consume 18 liters (!) of water per minute, which is almost twice as much as an average hand shower. This higher water consumption raises questions about how wise it is to purchase a rain shower, and whether there are water-saving alternatives that can present the same hotel feeling. The answer is yes!

Fortunately, there are water-saving options available that can reduce shower water consumption. These water-saving variants use special technologies that regulate the water flow without detracting from the shower experience. Such as AquaPro: this technology ensures 50% savings on water and gas, but while maintaining powerful water jets. This allows users to still enjoy the luxurious feeling while showering, but with less water consumption.

An interesting development in this area lies with EcoRain, which uses their own unique AquaPro technology. This allows large showers to use under 9 liters of water per minute , a significant improvement over standard and even many other water saving models on the market.

All in all, this shows that showers, if equipped with water-saving technologies such as the EcoRain system, can indeed be economical. However, it is important for consumers to be aware of the different options available and to make an informed choice that fulfills both their need for luxury and their desire for water conservation.

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