How does a water-saving shower head work?

Hoe werkt een waterbesparende douchekop?

Water is a precious commodity, and being conscious about our water use is becoming increasingly important. One of the easiest ways to save water in your home is to use a water-saving shower head. In this article we explain what the product is, how it works and why it is worth installing one in your bathroom.

What is a water saving shower head?

A water saving shower head is designed to reduce the amount of water flowing from the shower head while maintaining water pressure and effectiveness. These shower heads have been specially developed to reduce water consumption without sacrificing the shower experience. But how does this technology actually work?

The operation of the product

These smart shower heads use advanced technologies to optimize water flow. By integrating (water) flow restrictors or adding air to the water flow, the powerful pressure of the water jet is maintained. While actual water consumption decreases. This is not only good for the environment, but also saves considerably on water and gas bills.

But not every variant is equal in quality. There are still products that deliver less water, but produce a water jet that is too weak. This makes showering less pleasant. That is why it is important that you choose a product that actually provides a pleasant shower experience. We are happy to tell you how to do that.

Benefits of use

Using a smart shower head goes beyond personal convenience. It's a small step that yields big benefits, both for the environment and for your wallet. With reduced water use you contribute to the conservation of precious natural resources and lower your water bill. On average, with EcoRain products you will earn back the product within three months. A huge return on the one-time investment.

The different variants

The market offers various models, each with unique features. From rain shower heads to hand showers and complete rain showers : there is something for everyone. When choosing the right shower head, factors such as water pressure, design and ease of installation are very important. But comfort also plays a major role.

Many water-saving shower heads not only provide a weak water stream, but also have a small shower head. This means that comfort is lost, which is of course a shame. Therefore, avoid shower heads with a size of 10 cm, as they are too small. It is also nice if your new shower head has multiple spray settings, so that you can vary. Below we tell you which product is best to purchase.

How do you choose the right water-saving shower head?

When making a choice, there are several important considerations to take into account. Pay attention to the water pressure in your home, choose a design that suits your bathroom style, quality and don't forget to pay attention to ease of installation. These tips ensure that you get the most benefits from your product. To choose the right shower head, it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Wide shower head : Choose a shower head with a width of at least 12 cm. This way you can be sure that the entire body is covered with water.

  • Powerful water jet : Certain brands of water-saving shower heads have a weak water jet. Therefore, explicitly look for shower heads that produce powerful jets, such as those from EcoRain.

  • Universal connection : Select a shower head with a 1/2'' universal connection for both a hand shower and an overhead shower.

  • Multiple spray functions : It is nice to be able to choose from different spray functions, such as a massage or pulse setting. A high-quality hand shower head has at least three spray settings as standard. Overhead showers generally only have one spray setting.

Our favorite products:

  1. Water-saving shower head Charly 13 cm : What is the best water saving shower head
    - Up to 50% water savings.
    - Shower head is 30% larger than an average shower head.
    - Extra powerful water jet for a relaxing shower experience.
    - Also available as shower head in black .

  2. Water-saving rain shower head Melvin 30 cm :
    - Up to 50% water savings.
    - Comfortable rain shower head for a luxurious shower experience.
    - Also available as a complete set for a seamless upgrade of your shower.
    - Can be combined well with the Charly 13 cm shower head.

  3. Water saving shower head Mark 12 cm : best water saving shower head
    - Up to 50% water savings.
    - 5 different spray settings for a customizable shower experience.
    - Available in combination with shower sets for a complete bathroom solution.

Tips for efficient water use in the bathroom

While an economical shower head makes a major contribution to water savings, there are also other ways to use water more efficiently in the bathroom. From fixing leaky taps to optimizing your shower time, small changes can make a big difference.

Water conservation at home and the role of shower heads

There are also other ways to save water at home. From collecting rainwater to upgrading your toilet or sink tap to a water-saving model, an approach to water conservation is crucial in these times.

Maintenance and cleaning of the product

To ensure that your economical shower head remains effective for a long time, regular maintenance and cleaning is essential. Follow the simple steps to prevent blockages. This way you ensure that the shower head continues to perform optimally. Read our blog to find out how to easily clean a shower head .

The future of water saving technology

Technology never stands still, and this also applies to water saving. Discover the latest innovations and how they contribute to a more sustainable future. One of the latest techniques in the field of saving is AquaPro. The secret behind EcoRain. AquaPro saves on water and gas, but offers a full, powerful and comfortable water jet. Something that is unique in the world of water saving.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are the products suitable for all water pressures? Yes, there are models that are suitable for different water pressures. Pay attention to the specifications when purchasing.
  • Can I install this shower head myself? Yes, most variants are easy to install yourself. Follow the instructions provided for best results.
  • How much water do I save on average? The average varies per model, but you can save up to 50% on your water consumption with an EcoRain shower head .

Are there any disadvantages to using this product? This varies enormously per brand. There are brands that come out with a weak stream of water. Therefore, always choose specialized brands with water-saving shower heads that deliver a powerful jet .


A water-saving shower head is not only a smart choice for the environment, but also for your wallet. By consciously using water in the bathroom, you contribute to sustainability and enjoy the benefits of lower water costs. Choose the right product that suits your needs and make a positive difference in the world - and in your daily shower experience.

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