How can you descale a rain shower head?

Hoe kan je een regendouchekop ontkalken?

A rain shower head is a luxurious addition to any bathroom. To ensure that you can enjoy a relaxing shower experience time and time again, it is important that you know how to descale or clean it properly. In this blog we share our tips and explain in steps how you can descale your rain shower head, so that it always remains in top condition.

Why is it important to descale your rain shower head?

A clean rain shower head not only affects the general hygiene of your bathroom, but it also directly affects the water flow and the quality of your shower experience. Dirt and limescale can build up in the spray holes, reducing water pressure and making the water jets uneven. By regularly cleaning your rain shower head, you not only ensure optimal functioning of your rain shower head, but you also extend its lifespan.

The best way to descale the rain shower head

  • Preparation: you need this
  • Before you start, it's important to have all the supplies you need on hand. You need:

    • A bucket
    • White vinegar
    • A toothbrush
    • Hot water
    • A soft cloth

  • Disassemble the rain shower head
  • Carefully remove the rain shower head according to the manufacturer's instructions. This may vary depending on the model. You can often simply twist this off the shower arm. Place all parts on a clean towel. This way you avoid losing anything.

  • Soak the rain shower head in vinegar
  • Fill the bucket with parts warm water and white vinegar. Let the rain shower head completely soak in the bucket. Vinegar helps dissolve limescale and dirt buildup.

  • Clean the nozzles
  • Use the toothbrush to gently clean the nozzles. Make sure you reach all corners and remove any stubborn residue. Rinse the rain shower head thoroughly under running water.

  • Check for limescale
  • Inspect the rain shower head for any limescale deposits. If there are still residues, repeat step 3 and use a descaling agent for a thorough cleaning.

  • Reinstall the rain shower head
  • Once you are sure that all parts are clean and dry, reassemble the rain shower head according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    Tips for maintenance and prevention of dirt and limescale

    In addition to periodically cleaning the rain shower head, there are some practical tips to extend the life of your rain shower head:

    • Dry the shower head after use: Wipe the rain shower head dry with a cloth after each shower to prevent water accumulation. This can easily be done with a towel.
    • Use soft water: If possible, install a water softener to reduce limescale. Soft water contains less lime than normal water. This also means that less limescale adheres to the rain shower head.
    • Check regularly for dirt : Monitor the condition of your rain shower head and take preventive measures if necessary.
    • A rain shower head with anti-limescale : There are also special rain shower heads with anti-limescale options. As a result, less limescale adheres to the shower head than with traditional rain showers. And you have to clean less. At EcoRain we use anti-limescale options as standard on all rain shower heads and rain showers .


    By regularly descaling and properly maintaining your rain shower head, you can ensure that it performs optimally. This way you can enjoy a clean shower experience every time. Follow our step-by-step guide and enjoy the benefits of a clean rain shower head in your bathroom.

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