Replacing a bath tap: how do you do it and when is it necessary?

Badkraan vervangen: hoe doe je het en wanneer is het nodig?

Upgrading your bathroom can be an exciting change, but luckily replacing certain parts isn't so bad. Such as replacing your bath tap. Whether you're looking for a more modern design, improved functionality or just a fresh new look, replacing your bath tap can make a world of difference. In this article we look at why and how you can replace your bath tap.

Why replace your bath tap?

There are several reasons why you might consider replacing your bath tap. Firstly, it may be that your current tap is outdated and no longer functions properly. Maybe it's leaking or the water pressure is no longer what it should be. A new bath faucet can solve these problems and provide a smoother and more efficient water flow.

In addition, replacing your bath tap can also improve the appearance of your bathroom. By choosing a new tap with a modern design or a different finishing material, such as chrome, black or gold, you can completely transform the look of your bathroom and create a fresh new look.

How to replace your bath tap?

Replacing your bath faucet can be a relatively easy DIY project, provided you have purchased a good quality bathroom faucet , are somewhat handy and have the right tools. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Choose your new tap: Look for a new bath tap that suits your needs and the style of your bathroom. Are you going for a standing version or a surface-mounted version? Also view the water-saving variants of EcoRain. Pay attention to the dimensions and placement of the mounting screws to ensure that the new tap fits the existing mounting holes. Often the center distance must be 12 or 15 cm. You can easily measure this by measuring the width of the water supply.

  2. Preparation: First turn off the water supply to your bath tap and make sure that no more water comes out of the tap. Then remove the old faucet by loosening the mounting screws and disconnecting the water pipes.

  3. Installation : Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing your new faucet. This may include installing rubber washers or gaskets to prevent leaks and tightening the mounting screws securely. We recommend purchasing Teflon tape so that you can apply it to the thread. This makes the chance of leaks extra small. Installing a bath tap takes an average of 30 minutes. What you need is a spirit level, water pump pliers and Teflon tape. You can easily do this job alone.

  4. Testing : Once the new faucet is installed, turn the water supply back on and check for any leaks. Ensure that the water flow runs smoothly and, if necessary, adjust the tap with the spirit level.


Replacing your bath tap is a relatively simple way to upgrade your bathroom and improve both functionality and design. By following the right steps and choosing the right faucet, you'll be enjoying a new and improved bathroom experience in no time.

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